This is a list of links to Lucas County cemeteries that have burials in them. The purpose of each map is to assist the visitor to find a burial location, without asking the cemetery office for directions. Typically, there is an overall map that shows where the sections are located, and then there are section detail maps to show where lot or grave numbers are located within a section.

If there is a cemetery name without a bold-blue hyperlink, it is still a map work-in-progress by us, so check back later. Our goal is to get on this webpage a map for every cemetery *. If anyone has any cemetery maps they would be willing to share, the LCCHA would be most appreciative of receiving a copy of them.
Below, any mention of "area" is not a cemetery term of the plot, but is an arbitrary area that the LCCHA uses to make readable detail maps when printed on 8.5"X11" paper (i.e. some sections are so large that multiple area detail maps are needed to enable reading the numbers on a printed sheet.}.

Maps of defunct cemeteries (cemeteries without known burials today & for historical research)


Allen-Lloyd Cemetery, AKA Meyer Cemetery [WIP] Monclova

Association Cemetery - Overall map , Sylvania
Detail maps: --- area C [Lots 1 thru 112] --- --- area B [Lots 113 thru 310, & Lots 481 thru 487] --- --- area A [Lots 311 thru 480 & Lots 488 thru 510] ---
Note: Association Cemetery has no sections, only lots.

Beth Shalom Cemetery, overall, aka: "B'Nai Israel", "B'Nai Jacob", "North Oregon Jewish Cemetery", Oregon

Bird Family Cemetery, Swanton Township ; aka: “Bird Cemetery”.

Birchfield Cemetery, [WIP] Springfield Township

Calvary Cemetery, overall & detail maps of ~53 sections aka: "Calvary Catholic Cemetery", Toledo

Choate Burial Site, [WIP] Toledo

Collingwood Cemetery - Overall & 3 detail section maps - see dropdown menu (to get the detail maps, scroll down), aka: "Phillips Cemetery", "Tremainsville Burying Ground", Toledo

East Swanton Cemetery, overall & 5 detail maps aka: "Swanton Township Cemetery", Swanton

Epworth United Methodist Church Memorial Garden, [WIP] Toledo

Fallen Timbers Battlefield, [WIP] Monclova

First Presbyterian Church Memorial Garden, [WIP] Maumee

Ford Cemetery, aka: "Berkey Cemetery", Berkey

Forest Cemetery - City website - Overall & ~80 detail section maps - see dropdown menu (to get the detail maps, scroll down), Toledo
More recent versions of Overall & ~80 detail section maps

Franklin Cemetery, Swanton Township

Haughton Cemetery, see the dropdown menu aka: "Houghton Cemetery", "Secor Cemetery", Toledo

Heffelbower Cemetery, Monclova Township

Highland Memory Gardens - Overall map & Detail Maps (WIP) , Sylvania

Holloway Cemetery, [WIP] Springfield

Joy Cemetery, aka: "Adams Township Cemetery", "Benjamin Joy Cemetery", "Bowen Cemetery", "Riverside Cemetery", "Ten Eyck Cemetery", "Richard's Station", Ottawa Hills
Detail Maps: Future maps are in progress

Manhattan Cemetery - overall old map, Toledo [Note: No map yet, still looking for stones at this site.]

Maplewood Cemetery - see dropdown menu, aka: "Adams Township Cemetery", or "Town Hall Cemetery", Toledo

Marygrove Cemetery, aka: "Immaculate Conception Cemetery", [WIP] Raab Corners

Mennonite Cemetery ---Mennonite Cemetery w/ surmames, Whitehouse

Monastery of the Visitation Cemetery , [WIP] Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio

Mount Carmel Cemetery, and section detail maps aka: "Saint Francis de Sales Cemetery", "Saint Marys Cemetery", Toledo [note: Formed 1936 by merger of the 2 aka cemeteries]

Mount Pleasant Cemetery, and section detail maps , aka: Oak Hill Cemetery, Providence Township

North Oregon Cemetery, overall map and section detail maps aka: "Oregon Cemetery", Oregon

Oak Wood Cemetery - Overall map, (E/W detail maps below) aka: "Oakwood Cemetery", Jerusalem Township
Details maps: --- Detail of west part (lots 1A to 18F)--- --- Detail of east part (lots 1 to 139) ---

Olivet Evangelical Lutheran Church Garden of Peace , [WIP] Sylvania, Lucas County, Ohio

Ottawa Hills Memorial Park, Overall map & 80+ detail section maps,
aka: "Memorial Park", "Memorial Park Cemetery", Toledo

PortaCoeli Cemetery, [WIP] Sylvania (On grounds of Convent of Saint Francis)

Ravine Cemetery - Overall map (For lots, see the 5 detail section maps below). Sylvania
Detail maps: --- Section SQ1 (lots 1 to 181)--- --- Section SQ2 (lots 1 to 33)--- --- Section SQ3 - North (lots 1 to 169; SQ3A & SQ3B) --- --- Section SQ3 - South (lots 170 to 398; SQ3C & SQ3D) --- --- Section SQ4 (lots 1 to 64)---

Resurrection Cemetery, overall and 60+ detail maps
aka: "Our Lady of the Dormition Catholic Cemetery", Toledo
--- Detail Maps ---After downloading to your browser, the PDF page controls are at the bottom of each page. Page 1 shows overall where sections are. Pages 2 to 63 show detail maps.
Some selected Sections by page (i.e. "p"): 6A=p46, 6B=p18, 6V=p13, 8A=p37, 8B=pages27-30, 8C=p82, 8D=pages43&58, 10A=p20, 10B=p6, LawnCrypts=pges48-50

Riverside Cemetery - zoomable & on-line, Maumee
Riverside Cemetery - Overall printable map (for lot detail, see the 6 detail maps below )
Detail Maps: --- area 1 {lots 1-207}--- --- area 2 {half of the lots 208-993}--- --- area 3 {other half of the lots 208-993}--- --- area 4 {lots L1-U18 , & lots 1000-1029}--- --- area 5 {lots A1-K18}--- ---- area 6 {lots 1030-1168 and higher, plus Civil war graves}---
[Note that Riverside Cemetery does not have sections, only lots]

Roth Cemetery, Overall --- --- section 1 --- --- section 2 --- --- section 3 --- --- section 4 --- --- section 5 --- --- section 6 --- --- section 7 --- --- section 8 --- --- section 9 --- --- section 10 --- --- section 11 --- --- section 12 --- , Monclova Township

Rupp Cemetery Overall , aka: "Waterville Township Cemetery", Whitehouse --- Northeast area --- --- Southwest area ---

Saint Andrews Episcopal Church Columbarium , aka: “Chapel of the Consoling Christ Columbarium”, [WIP] Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio

Saint Elizabeths Cemetery, [WIP] Richfield Township

Saint Francis De Sales Cemetery (merged to Mt. Carmel Cemetery above {see sections 1-4}), Toledo

Saint George Antiochian Orthodox Cathedral Grounds, [WIP] Toledo

Saint Ignatius Cemetery, [WIP] Oregon

Saint Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery, [WIP] aka: "First Saint Johns Lutheran Cemetery", "Lutheran Old Folks Cemetery", "Lutheran Orphanage Cemetery", Toledo

Saint Joseph Cemetery, [WIP] Maumee

Saint Joseph Cemetery, Sylvania

Saint Marys Cemetery (Merged to Mt. Carmel Cemetery above {see sections 7 - 11}), Toledo

Saint Matthews Episcopal Church Columbarium, [WIP] Toledo

Saint Michaels In The Hills Memorial Garden, [WIP] Toledo

Saint Patricks Catholic Cemetery, [WIP] Toledo

Saint Patricks Cemetery, [WIP] aka: "Saint Patrick Cemetery", "Saint Patricks Catholic Cemetery", Providence

Saint Peters Cemetery, [WIP] Toledo

Sharples Cemetery, [WIP] Sharples

Springfield Township Cemetery --- Overall and sections A thru K ---, aka: "Springfield Cemetery", Holland

Stateline Cemetery - see dropdown menu, Toledo

Swan Creek Cemetery Overall --- ---section 1 --- ---section 2 --- ---section 3 --- ---section 4 --- ---section 5 --- ---section 6 North --- ---section 6 South --- , Monclova -

Toledo Memorial Park Cemetery, overall and list of section detail maps aka: "Memorial Park Cemetery", "Toledo Memorial Park and Mausoleum", "Toledo Memorial Park Cemetery", Sylvania

Toledo State Hospital New Cemetery, Toledo

Toledo State Hospital Old Cemetery, Toledo -[WIP on a better map than this one.]

Tremainsville Burying Ground (merged with Collingwood Cemetery above {see section 2 in SE corner})

Trinity Episcopal Columbarium, [WIP] – Trinity Episcopal Church. Toledo, Lucas County, Ohio

Wakeman Cemetery, overall map (Lot detail below in the two area maps), Waterville
Detail maps: --- Area 1 map of sections A to F --- --- Area 2 map of sections G to I ---

Whitehouse Cemetery, Whitehouse

Willow Cemetery maps --- ,Oregon, Lucas County, Ohio

Winslow Cemetery, Waterville Township

Wolfinger Cemetery, north area of sections A, B, & E --- --- south area of sections C & D --- , Richfield Township

Woodlawn Cemetery, overall and section detail aka: "Historic Woodlawn Cemetery", Toledo


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